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Have you dropped your iPad and discovered the screen has broken?

A broken screen is not only inconvenient but it can cause problems with your touchscreen and even be dangerous. This is not only because it could cut your fingers but we don’t know how much radiation having a broken screen can cause. You have to remember that a screen is both there to protect a device and to protect you.

Why choose Connect2Mobile for iPad repairs near me in Guildford?

Our skilled technicians regularly make repairs to iPads and iPhone, along with smartphones and tablets from other top brands like Samsung.

We provide quick, efficient and professional services for competitive prices, so you can have repairs much easier. Our shop in Guildford attracts people from all over the local area who need repairs or accessories for their devices.

We can offer excellent discounts for students so you can have your device fixed for even better rates.

If you need Apple iPad repairs in Guildford, simply come along to our shop in the highstreet or contact our friendly team today.

0148 334 6578.