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Thinking of travelling over christmas, want to keep all of your technology up to scratch? Finally want to get rid of that annoying crack on your screen? Instead of dealing with exorbitant prices, get your devices working right again with Connect2Mobile. We have a respect for the tech and our team of professionals are more than ready to patch up your device and get it going again.  

At Connect2Mobile we handle a number of products from across a number of brands, including apple who are notorious for charging lots for replacement phones and services, that we can handle here. We work with all types of iPhones and Macbooks. If you need a macbook screen replacement, we can help you out in a prompt and efficient manner, you won’t be stuck waiting around not knowing what’s happening to your items.

Part of what we pride ourselves on at Connect2Mobile is the amount of care and effort we put into giving our customers the best standard of repair available at an affordable rate. If you’re a student, we’ll work with you to get a student discount you can really feel. Get a worry-free service you can rely on. We even have insurance deals, so you can rest assured knowing that if any damage does happen to your items again you’ll be covered.

Find out more about our amazing offers and services on the main page of our website here. Alternatively give us a call on: 01483346578.